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I remember the first time I worked with a client for Weight Loss. It was actually with a friend of a friend, and I had just started out as a Hypnotherapist. The person lived near where I do, in Woodford Green, on the Essex & London border.

I recall feeling some degree of pressure at the time, as the client told me outright "I won't go under" i.e. she didn;t believe I was capable/she wasn't capable of going into Hypnosis. Added to this was that the husband of this lady was extremely sceptical on hypnosis and and known to be merciless in his mockery, the kind of person who would, if the hypnosis looked like it was working (where he said it doesn't work) ridicule and do everything to undermine the great changes in diet and behaviour that his wife had.

On an aside, this is by no means rare. I've found that often if a person in a relationship/family makes a positive change, like losing weight, getting more freedom and choice this often can cause a shift in the status of the relationship and occasionally can result in either conscious or unconscious behaviours by a significant other/family member to redress the power balance and bring the new changeling back into line. Not nice.

So I worked with this lady, starting with a brisk walk around the block back for the both of us, giving us a chance to chat and get to grips with the issue. Then we returned to the office.

I remember feeling pretty nervous back then, as the client told me again "You won't be able to put me under". So we worked on her issues, using techniques from NLP and IEMT. It turned out to be that she had issues around her childhood of not having much. Not much money, much love, much attention.

So we did some work on that. To cut a short story shorter, she DID go into hypnosis. And deeply, which was a bloody relief to me, as a nervous budding hypnotherapist.

Afterwards, weirded out about how she had gone and how deep she had gone, she spoke about experiencing a tingling sensation at the base of her skull (which lasted a day or so).

I didn't hear from her for 3 months after that, and remember feeling very crestfallen, thinking the work we did wasn't having effect.

When I did make contact with her she told me she'd lost 5 stone.

Needless to say, I fell off my perch and thought I was the world's greatest Hypnotist for a little while.

I went on to find out that she had been also following (and found it natural to do so) a strict diet and exercise regimen. This helped bring me down to earth, but I'm confident the work we did together played a part, though of course I don't know *how* exactly.

This isn't representative of everyone, as for some people there isn't a 'root cause' other than overeating or bingeing. My work has moved on too and I've got better at what I do, based on the results *most* of my Weight management/loss clients get.

Weight loss can be easy, and can be hard or difficult. But Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can almost certainly help you.

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And by the way I *don't* currently do hypno or virtual gastric band Hypnosis. If you want to know why –  call or email me!