Phobia Treatment through Hypnotherapy – East London/Essex Practitioner Alan Whitton explains…

Phobias are different from anxieties. They work with an 'On/Off' switch, and are often a seemingly irrational fear. 

"Heights, confined spaces, olives"

I recall an American talk show which featured someone who was olive-phobic.

Whip out a jar of olives and she would literally scream and run off the stage. 

When her case history was unpacked, she divulged that as a child she'd seen a dead family member in their casket, and recalled how his dead eyes looked like olives.

So her brain had made the connection: Olives = dead person's eyeballs.

If, every time I saw an olive, I felt like I was seeing dead folks' eyes, I'd run off screaming too!

If you never had a concept of 'glowing red hot coal' you might think, "Ooh, pretty red shiny thing, let's feel it!"

I guarantee you'd only ever do it once though.

It's the same with a phobia.

From the brain's perspective, the stimulus (the 'thing' – whether it's a lift, spiders, trains or whatever) equates to extreme danger in the eyes of the phobic person.

So at some level, in the mind of the phobic person, there may be a positive 'reason' for this to happen.

"How can I deal with my phobias?"

I use an extremely robust method to deal with phobias and, because of this,

I get great results, fast. (Proof? See what my clients have to say, click here or see below a testimonial from a Flying Phobic lady)


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