We all have Metaphors.
Metaphors for work, personal problems and even while at play. Often we’re not aware of these, even though they spill out into our language, and communication.

Metaphors have been called ‘Language of the Subconscious Mind’ (Lakoff, 1992) and in nearly all cultures, significance is associated to them.

If this is true, then we can use this language to explore, extract meaning and potentially as a diagnostic for behaviours we might have that are problematic, thereby giving us insights into fixing a problem and getting on with stuff.

In order to help you get the benefit of this I’m now offering an exploration into your Personal Metaphor. This time exploring could be for a specific problem in your life, your career, your goals, your relationships. Almost anything in fact. I’ve priced this service has an introductory rate of £47 and lasts about an hour. I’m not keeping this offering at this price, it’s just an initial price as exploring your Personal Metaphor sounds fuzzy as hell, even though it *might* be the best thing you do to get a shift from your problem.

Before we find out what this exploration does entail let’s cover what exploring these metaphors this doesn’t mean:

  • Getting a 6 figure salary because of a ‘breakthrough’ session
  • All your problems go away
  • Sky-rocket your sales
  • Increase your motivation
  • Enhance your confidence
  • Clobber your phobia
  • Magically zap your Anxiety
  • You’re not going to hell any more


So what IS the point then?

Everybody has a goal, something they want. It could be getting a better job, changing career, changing a ‘stuck’ behaviour or state or get a better life. There’s nothing wrong with wanting this thing, having that goal whatever it is (unless it’s illegal). Problems can arise in the pursuit of the goal/thing/change for a few reasons. to begin with, there’s far less attention paid to *how* we will arrive or most importantly *where* we are in starting towards this goal.

Think about a real journey. If you have a GPS or a map, the first thing you need to do is to locate where you’re starting from. If you don’t do this, you will almost certainly never arrive at your destination. Now think of a goal setting process, and how minimal (if any) attention is paid to where exactly you are to begin with. Little or none. Ordinarily we just plod off towards the goal, completely gung-ho and with no real direction or route to get there.

Now think that real journey again, you will have predetermined the mode of transport, the rate of speed and the distance and direction. Now apply these to our goal setting process, again, where little or no importance these aspects are placed/explored. It’s starting to look a little impoverished now, as a process, isn’t it?

Your Personal Metaphor Exploration with help  you *explore* these and or similar factors that you might not have considered until then, especially if there’s an area where you appear to be ‘stuck’ or ‘ not moving forwards’.

But let’s get something straight.
This is not an outcome driven session it is an exploration.
Let me state that again, for clarity,

This isn’t just a verbal reframe or a marketing twist, it’s a genuine statement. You might not like what you find on the exploration, or you might find it a revelation. You might feel like shouting at me (that’s fine), and it might make no apparent sense at first. you might find that as a result of this you find out more about yourself, experience a shift in your sense of identity, figure out how you make better progress in the issue, or what you have to do in order to start making progress.

But there are no guarantees. It is, like in all things, up to you. This exploration is just a powerful facilitation process, but it’s nothing without your .

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