As Christmas descends on us so too do the pressures of the season.

These range from pressures to get the kids the toys they want, pressure to get the desk clear and offload the workload before shutting up shop over Christmas. As with many issues that clients come to see me for help with,  the old sound bite of "What you focus on increases" holds true for nearly every problematic situation.

In short, the more you think about Uncle Frank with his whisky breath and bad jokes the more it's going to be. Figuring out a coping strategy may help (help you feel better at least) but the problem is still likely to be there. Getting yourself in a compassionate mindset, without going all out 'Woodstock' may help. 

Better still, focus on what Christmas mean to you and play the appreciation game, where you have a go at appreciating the situation (finding the good in it) and accepting it for what it is, shortcomings at all.

This little note may not stop the turkey burning, but it might help you to stop fuming. Now get those final cards written!